10 Most Outrageous UKIP Blunders

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The latest UKIP scandal has hit the headlines with candidate William Henwood tweeting that the comedian Lenny Henry should emigrate to a black country. Here are some of the top ten most horrendous statements and outrageous UKIP blunders


‘Businesses should be allowed to refuse services to women and gay people’


This was claimed by Councillor Donna Edmunds last month.  Well that’s over half the population of the world excluded right there. This sound economic advice manages to be both prejudiced and idiotic.

Gerard Batten MEP demanded British Muslims sign a commitment to abstain from violence and extremism


Can someone politely inform him that British Muslims are not violent extremists and that his suit is violent and extreme?

Councillor David Silvester blames UK storms and floods on gay marriage laws


With this absurd statement he also said being gay is a spiritual disease and wrote to David Cameron to warn him of the impending environmental disaster. LiveMagUk emailed him, to ask if he could explain the lovely sunny weather we have had following gay marriage coming into effect. He didn’t respond.

Nigel Farage: ‘working mothers are worth less than men’


No stranger to the offensive remark, Farage made this statement in an effort to explain the pay gap. UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew couldn’t agree more: ‘Women don’t have the ambition to get to the top because babies get in the way’ . Of course that completely explains why 70% of people on minimum wage are women. Cheers for solving that one guys, there we were thinking it was wrong for businesses to discriminate against working mothers.

Godfrey Bloom calls a room full of women ‘sluts’ and then slaps a reporter

Godfrey Bloom could have had a list to himself. This is definitely the pick of the bunch.

Godfrey Bloom (again) speaks against sending aid to ‘bongo bongo land’

Oh Godfrey what are you like.

Nigel Farage does not know his own party’s bizarre policies


Farage was undone when asked about his own manifesto on the BBC. The policies include compulsory uniforms for taxi drivers, giving MPs more freedom with their expenses, making the Circle Line into a real circle, repainting trains in traditional colours and having a maximum of three foreign players in British football teams. (I’m not making this up…UKIP are.)

Energy Secretary doesn’t believe in climate change


Roger Helmer has said ‘anti-fracking eco freaks’ and ‘climate hysteria’ could wreck our economy. Shame on you eco-freaks for valuing the environment and helping to preserve it to sustain all life for future generations. Boo hiss boo!

Launching themselves as the ‘Black Independence Party’ in Wales

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 15

When they launched their party website in Wales, they screwed up the translation and launched themselves as the ‘Black Independence Party’. A spokesman insisted it was not a rebranding of the party.

Election candidate Alex Wood pictured in a Nazi style salute


He denied it was a Nazi salute and said it was him imitating a pot plant, though in other interviews he has said he was trying to grab his phone. So Nazi sympathiser or tech-savvy bonsai tree? You decide.

All joking aside, though they are amusing, they are not harmless. In siding with Putin over Ukraine, Farage has ignored the plight of Ukrainian nationals fighting for freedom. Views like these, and that we would be better off without the EU, and that stopping immigration would solve all our problems, are rarely found in the same sentence as any evidence.  Scapegoating a minority has historically been proven to be a populist distraction which can have dangerous consequences. These views are damaging and scarily, are being taken seriously.

Some of these blunders, where silly politically-incorrect comments are made, are only hilarious for a moment.  We can call these events blunders all we like, but are they not rather Freudian slips, glimpses into a reactionary sentiment that pervades through the party? Some are barely Freudian slips and are outright ignorant, racist, homophobic and sexist.

If anyone plans to vote for UKIP as a protest vote, be aware that you give fuel to some of these very real ideas. You’d be better off voting for the original Monster Raving Loony Party.


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