Parents Are Preeing Our Social Media

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What do you do when your parents get a little overexcited with social media Megan explains why she is far from impressed

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Getting a Facebook friend request from my Nan, was quite high on my list of the most unexpected things to happen ever. She can barely see laptop screens properly, let alone post anything relevantly interesting.

That’s not even the worst of it. My mum now regularly asks me to send her my location via WhatsApp, which sometimes results in me sprinting down the road, sending it and quickly running back. I don’t know how she found out about this handy feature but whoever informed her of it…I hate you.

WhatsApp Locations

Social media is life for most teenagers and pretty much always has been, from Myspace and Bebo days to Instagram and Snapchat. But now, it’s not just us.

Worryingly, more adults than ever are online, meaning that we have to watch what we say because parents  are on 24/7 pree watch.

According to research survey by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations less than half (48%) of young people are worried about employers seeing their posts.’ It seems like overall, most of the 15-22 year olds survey were more scared of their parents seeing their social media timelines than future employers.

I can definitely relate. Like most young people I’m more concerned about my mum seeing my timelines more than anyone else.

Earlier this month, the government announced it would be launching a social media dictionary to help concerned parents decode online language often shortened into acronyms. Where is the privacy?

However, social media sites do support the hustle, thanks to things like custom privacy settings. So for example, if you don’t want your mum to see your posts on Facebook you can make them private. (You can basically select who you want to keep hidden from your statuses).

Although I don’t agree with all of these newly discovered harassment methods that parents are coming up with, I do agree that the older generations learning how to use technology properly isn’t all bad. It can be beneficial to everyone and at least my Nan can Google all the painfully, tiring questions she regularly calls me to answer at 8 am – early mornings are not my thing.


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