Why I Empathise With Celebrity Mothers

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Is it okay for Amber Rose to pose in provocative photo shoots after becoming a mother? Should celebrity mums be worried more about their image after becoming parents? Camila, from the perspective of a young mum, explains why she relates to the struggles that celeb mums face

Amber Rose Mother

Amber Rose sparked up a Twitter war earlier this week when Khloe Kardashian came to the defence of her younger sister, Kylie Jenner. It all had to do with Kylie’s alleged relationship with Tyga, who was previously engaged to Black Chyna (Amber’s bff).

Khloe called out Amber on Twitter for being a stripper at 15, claiming that Kylie may be 17 but at least she has her career together. Amber has never made a secret of this and has even talked about her past in interviews and on social media. She tweeted back claiming she was glad she brought up the fact that she was a stripper, because the things she does to support her family are very similar to the things Khloe’s older sister Kim does to support hers.

Amber Rose Mother 1

Amber Rose Mother

Now here’s the deal – Amber and Kim are both women who have regularly been attacked throughout their careers. After becoming mothers, though, they’ve received even more negative criticism.

If your career is based on your image it doesn’t make sense to stop once you have a child. If anything, they have to continue to support their families. We have to remember they are famous and they’re not going to suddenly decide that because they have kids they will apply for a job at Walmart and live a humble life. Doing what they’ve been doing has, in essence, made them millionaires.

Do I sympathise with Amber’s struggle? Definitely. I don’t judge how she makes her money because that is how she provides for her family. There have been jobs which I’ve had to take on since becoming a mother that I wouldn’t necessarily think furthers my career in any way. Saying that, Amber has done what she does (modelling in revealing photo shoots) before she was a mother.

“The real truth is, it’s not okay to be forced to change the person you are after becoming a parent.”

People expect women to just change up completely when they become mothers, but a lot of changes actually happen from within, so people wouldn’t notice anyway. I definitely had to grow up a lot faster because of the new responsibilities that I had.

Becoming a mum or dad can sometimes make you feel differently and affect your perspective on many things such as the way you dress, the things you say and the way you carry yourself. The main thing that changed for me was my level of ambition – my son gave me a strong reason to want to succeed in life. Don’t get me wrong I’m still into many of the things I was into before I had my child such as music, going out, dancing and having a good time, but I’ve also gained new interests as a result of being a parent such as politics, the environment and issues young people face.

The real truth is, it’s not okay to be forced to change the person you are after becoming a parent. All of us, including celebrity mums like Amber Rose, are still human and they also have their own struggles whether they share them or not. How Kim K and Amber Rose decide to display themselves has no direct correlation with the type of mothers they are. There are professional mums who spend all day at work and have little time for their kids, does this make them bad parents?

All mothers have to walk the thin line of being able to provide for their children and being judged for exactly that. Celebrity mums are no different.


Feature image of Amber Rose and her son, inserts of Amber’s tweets. 

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