Why I’m Glad The #CharlieCharlieChallenge Is Over

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The #CharlieCharlieChallenge was the latest of trends to hit social media however it turns out to have been part of a marketing campaign for a film Sophia Tassew explains why she is glad it's all over


Last week, a new social media craze called the #CharlieCharlieChallenge dominated Twitter and it turns out, it was all part of a promotion for a horror film The Gallows. This explains a lot, because as someone who uses Twitter on a daily basis, I’ve come across many silly trends such as the cinnamon challenge, and Kylie Jenner challenge but that may have been the strangest one yet.

The challenge involved many young people, who had created makeshift ouija boards with a piece of paper and two pencils in the shape of a cross balanced on top of each other. Written on the paper were the options yes and no. Allegedly, it was inspired by an ancient Mexican tradition that involves summoning a visit from a demon called Charlie. Participants must repeat the words ‘Charlie Charlie, are you here?’  In order to get a response from the spirit. In this case, the pencil would move to either yes or no in response, letting participants know if Charlie was present.

Twitter has actually made people summon demons for banter but in my culture this stuff is real and this trend should never have started. I understand that some people don’t believe in all the spiritual stuff but I really do not see how it has turned into a joke.  Here we are summoning devils for RETWEETS. Oh and not to mention, the One Direction fandom are at it again, creating ouija boards, asking spirits random questions about which member of the band they will marry or if the return of Zayn Malik is upon us.

I for one am glad that the hype has started to die dow. There are well over a few thousand tweets and videos of people taking part in the challenge and I definitely think it has gone too far. So many young, naive children on Twitter are so easily influenced by the things they see on the social media platform. I have a 13 year old sister and I really don’t want her playing these kind of games with her mates.


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