Why I Killed My Facebook Profile

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Why I Deleted My Facebook Profile Edit copy
In deleting his Facebook profile, Bradley freed himself of the words that plagued him on a daily basis like ‘YOLO’, ‘amazeballs’, ‘totes’, ‘megajelz’, ‘obvs’ and is much more sane for it

It used to be the reflex of boredom – one click on that white ‘F’ in a blue box and I’d be whisked away to my friends having a ‘great time’. In reality, it’s not like that at all. It is an endless, and I mean truly endless, newsfeed of utter pointlessness. Relentless photos of people’s food and OOTD (outfits of the day), obligatory Nandos statuses, and constant updates on what someone’s ugly newborn is up to. That’s if they haven’t already set them up with a profile. These are just some of the joys you’ll come across on your feed each morning.

Facebook is the epitome of attention seeking. You’re encouraged into getting more likes and friends so that you can be the centre of attention. Facebook is Fakebook populated by pseudo people.

Can you imagine if people in reality were like those on Facebook? How difficult would having a conversation with them be? They would constantly be in a photoshopped pose shouting ‘OMG’ before befriending some random person next to them whose name they didn’t even know. A conversation about anything more interesting than them bragging about themselves would be impossible.

“By deleting Facebook, I have become an unperson.”

Sick of all the drivel, I started a Stalin-esque purge of my Facebook friends, getting rid of those I was no longer in contact with. Even that wasn’t enough, so I pulled the plug altogether.

There are more important reasons for jumping off the bandwagon that apply to everyone. The fear of employer surveillance and the Orwellian nightmare of life being logged and watched by others have both proved as factors in my decision. The mining of personal data by companies so they can target you for promotions scares me, not to mention the gross invasion of privacy from state security organisations such as NSA and GCHQ monitoring your every move. State surveillance is no longer a worrying dystopian future – it’s happening as I type this. In that sense, by deleting Facebook, I have become an unperson.

Being free from Facebook is liberating. I now fill my spare time actually meeting with friends-the original social networking. Though it doesn’t feel like it now, I am not alone in this. As a generation of young people are realising the superficiality of it all, the reasons to leave Facebook are becoming clearer.

Why I Deleted My Facebook Profile Insert

Facebook is increasingly being seen as un-cool. As a cure to perpetual boredom, Twitter and Instagram have proved far more entertaining than the infinite scroll of Mark Zuckerberg’s invading social network, with younger teens leaving the site in their droves. According to Time Magazine, more than 11 million young people have fled Facebook since 2011.

Studies have linked Facebook with depression due to jealousy, low self-esteem and social anxiety. The dreaded day when parents send a friend request has sent young people running for their lives to other social media away from prying parental eyes.

It’s also one of the weapons of choice for cyber bullies, who can target their victims at all hours and encourage a group witch-hunt of a classmate. With the macabre growing trend of Facebook profiles of people who have died being kept open too, the site is evolving into a virtual graveyard.

The list of reasons to stay on Facebook is wearing thin and in a hapless bid to stay relevant the company have bought teen favourite WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion.

Like it or not, Facebook is no longer the place to be. It encourages falsities, superficialities and other words like that. Leave Facebook, escape the most mundane of nightmares and set yourself free! Now if only I had somewhere to share this article.

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