I Don’t See The Problem With Rihanna’s #BBHMM Video

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Anti-feminist, overly violent and much too gory - lots has been said about Rhi Rhi's new video. But is it really that deep? Megan Taylor wades in


The first thing you see when watching Rihanna’s new ‘BBHM’ (‘Bitch Better Have My Money’) video is a content warning issued by YouTube followed by three words – ‘Language, Nudity and Violence’. Uh, you think?

The graphic seven-minute bloody fantasy features RiRi and her squad of what can only be described as ‘Bad bitches’ kidnapping and torturing her accountant and his wife. It’s been called ‘intense’ and ‘unnerving’ on twitter and also not only ‘NSFW’ but not safe for feminists (claiming it glamourises sexual humiliation and kidnapping) but in my opinion, I don’t think its really that deep.

Although I agree that the blood and gore maybe isn’t for everybody, I don’t see the problem. No-one complains about Game of Thrones and the long list of film producers (mostly male) such as Quentin tarentino and Robert Rodriguez. My opinion also stay’s the same on the tons of feminist critics that hit out at the video – leave RiRi alone, it’s not fair, not everything a star creates has to be some sort of political statement.

There have also been talks of videos such as the BBHM one being potentially harmful to a generation of young impressionable fans, but how can you criticise rihanna for influencing the same fans that the warning clearly states are not supposed to watch the video. After all, this is the same artist that sang about whips and chains  - her music is hardly intended for kids.

 You can see Rhi Ri’s video here

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