#DontJudgeChallenge: More Harm Than Good?

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Does the #DontJudgeChallenge do anything other than reinforce stereotypes? We find out what Live contributors, Andrew and Asia have to say.


The #DontJudgeChallenge is a selfie video, (most of them made with the musical.ly app) which has been trending on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with over 150,00 people, jumping on the hashtag. It features a (usually young) person with bad skin, thick unibrow, braces, glasses and all manner of things stereotypically viewed as ‘unattractive.’ This look is created with lots of heavy makeup, including sharpies. The person then put their hand over the camera lens and pulls it away to reveal the complete opposite. The same person remerges, flawless. They have transitioned, into the more standard beauty ideals we have become accustomed to, using the makeup more accordingly. The trending topic has received mixed reviews with many speaking out, that because it reinforces stereotype it is causing young people that have low self esteem to feel even more insecure.

He Said:

In my opinion, this is another pointless social media challenge that is beginning to spread like wildfire now everyone has finished exams and is free to socialise at will.I believe the original intentions were good, to help young people with low self esteem however the challenge has taken a turn for the worse. It is now all about  vain young people who want to brandish their good looks for praise and likes to everyone on the Internet.

Your face is not a house on extreme makeover we don’t need to see a fake transformation as it wont make anyone gasp in amazement, in fact it just makes me continue scroll pass.

Displaying what you perceive to be unattractive features, is a form of bullying as you are preying on the insecurities of others. For all those thinking of doing the challenge, rather than waste your time, go out and compliment someone and make them smile. If you want people to stop judging, focus on the features that make them beautiful.

By Andrew Barrett

She Said:

I’ve heard that it’s being classed as body shaming, which is crazy because it’s not that deep! I just saw it as the thing people where doing out of boredom in the summer holidays. The challenge isn’t that different from how ‘ugly’ people are portrayed in comedy and on television.

The whole thing is just too dumb to be taken seriously in the first place, it’s just one of those trends that start off with a meaningful message and gets ruined by ‘Viners’ and anyone trying to become Insta – famous.

The chances are, the same people drawing acne and monobrows with mascara were probably in a similar position, once upon a time.

Speaking as someone who wears glasses and gets acne, it is not that deep and social media will always have something you can possibly be offended by, but you really need to look at the situation and maybe even your life if you’re crying about a hashtag late at night.

By Asia East

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