Is This The End Of Skinny Jeans?

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Could the recent backlash spell the end for skinny jeans? Despite the claims, Megan Taylor says no


You may not have heard the story of this 35-year-old woman from Australia. But she may be the start of a worldwide backlash against the favourite item in any fashion-conscious girls’ wardrobe – the skinny jean.

If you haven’t been following twitter (or the news), doctors have issued a skinny jeans health warning after the woman collapsed, after not being found for several hours the unnamed woman had calves so swollen that she had to be cut out of her jeans. Whilst in hospital doctors discovered she had damaged muscle and nerve fibres in her leg as a result of prolonged compression.

As if that won’t enough, physiotherapist Sammy Margo says that skinny jeans could also be making you fat. In an interview with the Daily Mail, she said that,the jeans pull in your fat meaning that your muscles aren’t doing it for your body. She says,  “although they do hold in and support the quadriceps (thigh muscles), they do the job your muscles are supposed to. As a result the muscles are allowed to relax and switch off”.

So are skinny jeans actually dangerous?

I personally don’t think so. Maybe people are still ashamed to buy the right size jeans or don’t know their own sizing, causing the jeans to be over-tight. I’ve actually seen this with my own eyes whilst shopping with friends who are maybe a size 10 or 12 but squeeze into a size 8 because it sounds better.

I wear skinny jeans religiously and personally, I can’t picture a world where everyone wears flares or boot cut jeans. I also don’t think this is going to have any affect on people wearing skinny jeans because let’s be honest, people will always do what they want to do. After all, if my friends will still go to Alton towers, I really don’t think they’ll stop wearing skinny jeans. After all, no-one should have to live in a world full of flares.

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