EVENT: Urban Arts Experience At Streetfest

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The Urban Art’s Experience kicks off the summer festivals with Streetfest and if you are a lover of all music and dance then it’s the only place you should be on Sunday.

The Event

Just imagine a party bus with a purpose other than having a good time. Kitted out with plasma screens, PCs, space for workshops and DJ masterclasses and you’ve got The Urban Art’s Experience.

The single decker bus engages young people into creative activities by using its inbuilt multi media suite. Immerse yourself in the innovative music production workshop The Urban Art’s Experience has to offer this weekend taught to you by professionals!

You may even catch a performance or two on the roof! If that isn’t enough to twist your arm think Drum n Bass King Goldie, Amplify Dot and Miss Dynamite (Dynah-my-tee-hee) because we know you sung it out aloud like that and you can skank your life away in freedom as it’s bank holiday on Monday. Result!

If you can’t make the festival the bus will be touring the UK and may be coming to a housing estate near you minus the beat boxing, break dancing and BMX bikes. Be assured, you will not catch all the good vibes you will get at Streetfest.

How To Get Involved

Lucky for you there’s still tickets so if you’re stuck for plans head down to http://www.streetfest.net/ to get yours!

Date & Time

Sunday 4th May, 13.00- 23.00, Formans Fish Island, Stour Road E3 2NT


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