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Here is Gerline's round-up of everything she's rating and hating as we approach the end of the year and the Christmas festivities have begun

For yates

Gerline Loathes </3

Unfollow Each Other So We Know It’s Real

Mean Girls Gif

It both excites and irritates me when a stupid playground fight between two of the bitchiest girls in the year breaks out. It always ends in a dramatised Instagram unfollow which everyone starts gossiping about. The fight means nothing until both parties have unfollowed each other on Instagram and other various social networks because now the whole world knows it’s truly over. I cry for these type of girls, I really do.

New Hollywood Couples


I honestly couldn’t care less about the life of the rich and famous. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid becoming the latest ‘Hollywood Power Couple’ is hardly news worthy. They are as irrelevant to me as I am to them. Oh, and don’t get me started on ‘Jelena’…

School Toilets


From the period blood smeared across the walls to the cigarette ashes clouding the last cubicle, to some this may sound like a scene from a horror movie, to me, it’s the school toilets *cue dramatic music*. With a sudden small creek of the door opening, you hear the pounding footsteps of the annoying Year 9 squad either rushing into the same cubicle to hide, or trying to play it cool near the sinks – cause apparently they’re about that life now… Seriously, if you’re gonna bunk, common sense would suggest not for your WHOLE squad to be missing from lesson.

Reading Everything From PowerPoint

eye roll

Yeah, I know this is a random one but it actually irritates me when I’m stuck in assembly and the person presenting is just reading everything on the PowerPoint behind them. Am I incapable of reading?! Am I a fool?! Why even bother if you’re going to read everything out?

Gerline Loves<3

The Disney Channel


With the Christmas holiday just round the corner, Disney Channel goes on an overload of past movies revealing just how shxxxy TV is now. The annual reminder of how great TV was during my childhood really is a blessing. I’m glad I’m not stuck watching  Liv and Maddie and all the other poop that young kids are currently subject to. BRING ON THE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL TRILOGY!!!

Winter Wonderland


I was wandering around Hyde Park the week before Winter Wonderland even opened just pointing and picking out all the rides I wanted to go on. For me, it’s an annual family day out where we walk around the attractions and go on some high thrill rides. It’s also my chance to unleash my fury on my family on the bumper cars! We usually end the day in McDonalds in Marble Arch and I’ve got my £2 Big Mac voucher at the ready.

Christmas Sales


Joy to the world, the sales are here! With every supermarket you enter, you’re bound to see a display of Christmas trees along with the bombardment of tinsel hung across the aisles. Oh, but what to ask for this year? What am I even saying, I’ve been a little demon child this year, I ain’t getting a thing.  Yet, even for those who don’t celebrate the festivities, everybody has the chance to stock up their fridges and even treat their least favourite sibling to that Nerf gun they keep asking for – only because it was on sale in Smyth’s. And No, I still don’t like you.

Star Wars


Having been born in 1999, I never really got the chance to watch any of the Star Wars films at the cinema (I was too young to go by myself.) So obviously on the 19th of December (the first Saturday after it’s release) I’m gone straight to IMAX with my 3D glasses to watch two hours of lightsabers and intergalactic fights. Like every other Star Wars fan, I’ll be gone for a couple of days whilst I re-watch every movie possibly, along with every cartoon series. Peace, I’m out and may the force be with you.


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