WATCH: How To Do The Whip

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Trending Moves is back and this time Leah, Tyrone and new recruit, Jaz-mina, are cracking out the whip

How To Do The Whip

Tinashe’s done it, NFL players celebrating touchdowns have pulled off the move, and now it’s your time to learn it. Leah and Tyrone are back with Trending Moves, recruiting Jaz-Mina to the crew to show you how to do the Whip.

Learn the move with Jaz-Mina’s Vine breakdown and check out the trio in action performing the Whip to Tyga’s Hit ‘Em Up below.

Step 1

  • Spread your legs slightly.
  • Quickly lift up your right foot, then left.
  • Keep repeating until you’ve gotten the first part on lock.

Step 2

  • Move up and down, bending your legs a little.
  • Raise your right arm up, with your hand in a thumbs up position facing the left.

Step 3

  • Now, combine the two!
  • Make sure to crouch while performing the Whip, moving your right arm to the side.

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