WATCH: How To Do The Yeet

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In this episode of Trending Moves, Tyrone and Leah show you how to do the yeet dance

yeet dance

Although the origins of the genius known as the Yeet dance is still undecided, you’ve probably seen the Vine of ‘Lil Meatball’ breaking it out with over-9,000 level swag. (If you haven’t watched it, do a service to the internet community and loop it like you’ve never looped another video before.)

Since its Vine popularity has boomed, many other Yeet dances have popped up in 6 second clips. But what are the steps? How can you be the next ‘Lil Meatball’?

Live contributors Tyrone and Leah teach you how to do the Yeet and show it off in a routine below.

Step 1

  • Put your arms in a cup position, hands clenched, and row back and forth.

Step 2

  • Move your legs up and down as if you were marching, but keep them slightly to the side.

Step 3

  • Pair the two moves together, so your arms are rowing, and your legs are marching. And you got it!

Now watch how to add the yeet into a tight routine, performed by Tyrone and Leah! (Click watch on YouTube to check it out.)

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