What Kind Of Music Will Lewis Hamilton Drop?

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Lewis Hamilton, the recently crowned two-time Formula One champion, is looking to release a possible album in the future. Is this real life?

Lewis Hamilton - Hypnotize - Web

Yeah, you heard that right. The man known best for driving at ridiculous speeds is taking a career u-turn (pun totally intended) and is ready to make some hard beats, if he hasn’t already done so in the home-built studio originally made for his girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger. He doesn’t know when he’ll be releasing anything, but it’s happening and we all just have to deal with that.

I bet you’re all wondering what kind of HAM tunes he’s going to be dropping, right? Well, with influences like Biggie, Tupac and Jigga we’re most likely expecting a rap-heavy track list. A cameo from Nicole is a sure-fire bet, too.

So, inspired by Lewis’ new career venture, Blinkz has remixed songs that you’ve probably been side-stepping to for time, but with a little F1 twist to them. I mean, that’s what we think he’ll be rapping about, anyway. He’s not exactly a road man, now is he?


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