Live Loves & Loathes – (Back To School Edition)

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It's September, so our weekly round-up of everything we're feeling (or not) in the world has to be a back-to-school edition. This week, Megan Taylor is on the loving and loathing duties, so from celebrating the back-to-school glo up, to missing your sleeping pattern, Live’s got it covered.

Hollyoaks classroom



Back To School Glo Up


Literally every time I go back to school in September after a long summer of keeping my ‘school friends’ and ‘real friends’ separate , I hardly even recognize the people I left behind in July. This is thanks to what I like to call the ‘post-summer glo up’ where suddenly everyone have discover make-up and how to do their hair. Unfortunately, this never lasts longer than the first painfully tiring week so get those fleeky back to school posts up before it’s too late.

The School Squad

Not every teacher in school is possessed by an evil demonic spirit nor is every girl a man-stealing, interfering…(You get where I was going). So, actually getting to go back and see the very few people I associate with at school end genuinely missed is by far the best part of the new year.


New Neat Books

Neat Books

One of the positives of being dragged away from relaxation and forced to attend your hell-hole of a school, is the fact that you get nice new textbooks and stationery to write about your summer  - and remind you of the peaceful life you led not so long ago.



Sleeping Pattern

Sleeping Pattern

Trying to readjust and remember you have a purpose in life has to be number one on my list of things I hate about school and definitely the most difficult. Trying to conform to the completely backwards rules is practically impossible. Who even wakes up at 6am-  isn’t that bedtime?

Forgetting How To Write

Not sure if this one only applies to me but every time I go back to school it’s like I completely forget how to spell, use a pen, and form a sentence. This is incredibly difficult to manage when the first thing you’re asked to do is write about what you did during the summer.

Summer Homework

Summer homework

Out of all of the awkward on-the-spot lies I’ve told to teachers, the worst has got to be the response to the question: “Did you bring your summer homework in?” It has to be done to avoid getting in trouble, because nobody ever has a valid reason for not doing it – apart from the fact that it was the summer and you were having fun!

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