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Here's our weekly round-up of everything we're feeling (or not) in the world. This week, it's Marcel Deane, Megan Taylor and C-Jay Anderson on the loving and loathing duties as they celebrate the end of exams, tell bloggers to up their game and try and protect their creps. From tan lines to summer sports, Live’s got it covered.

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Playing Basketball

Everyone loves to go out in the summer to do stuff and have fun. Summer is the time for basketball in the park. Shooting free throws and playing matches is the best thing to do when the weather is nice and hot; after going on holiday. (MD)


Getting money on your birthday

Everyone loves the feeling of opening the card and watching that note fall out onto the floor much more than actually getting the card. Though we mostly do try to act as if the card is equally as valuable- well I do anyway. (MD)

End of Exams

Finally free of stress and the worries of whether you have revised enough, the endless thoughts on whether you done well constantly in your mind finally over. Nobody likes exams week (well nobody normal), I’m just glad mine are over. Now for controlled assessments…who doesn’t love those. (MD)

Kendall Jenner Selfie

Kendall Jenner has done it again posting a picture that beat her own sister Kim’s record for the most liked picture in Instagram history (2.6 million likes) people have been coming up with scientific for why her Selfie got so many reasons, personally I think its not that deep but I am going to have to up my Selfie game! (MT)

 kendall(Image from Kendall’s instagram)

Stormzy winning a BET Award

I am a big fan of Stormzy so, when he announced on Snapchat that he had been nominated for a BET Award, I was more than excited. I was ecstatic. Discussing the news with my friends, we all shared the same joy and excitement. When the BET Awards had been presented and we saw Stormzy had won in his category, we were over overwhelmed with happiness but also felt proud as if we personally knew him.  From when Stormzy won a MOBO Award, we all knew he was going to get very far with his career. (C-J A) 


White Trainers 

You might think summer is the season to pull out your white trainers when in fact it’s the complete opposite. OK, they do look nice but them bright whites are brown with in a matter of days. The main cause for this is obviously the crazy idea everyone has that its safe to wear white in the summer because of course there’s no dirt – right? But also something that is high up on my “list of loathes”, people and their crusty brown creps stepping on my feet repeatedly. (MT)

white trainers

Tan Lines 

You know when you’re just chilling, absorbing the sun and you completely forget about the tan lines forming underneath them bra straps, yeah? Them ones are the worst and there is no escaping it, unless you take your straps off which means you have to walk around holding onto your top all day – effort. (MT)

Pointless YouTube Vlogs

Under no circumstances am I “Anti-Vlog” but I do have a problem with substance-less hour long Vlogs telling me what you ate, how many times you blinked and how many people bumped into you-  what does YouTube really gain from that? (MT)

The end of BBC3

If it wasn’t for BBC 3 I don’t think I would turn my TV on at all. When I get home it’s the first thing I put on so I can just chill, and never get up to change it again (it has everything you need from Stacey Dooley to Snog Marry Avoid from 7pm till 4am). However yesterday the BBC trust approved the online move, which I feel, is going to be the death of decent TV past 12am for us nocturnal people, RIP BBC 3. (MT)



SFS (shoutout for shoutout) on Instagram

Is Instagram really that important that you need to shout out billions of people before 9am arrives? Does your life DEPEND on followers? It’s not about constantly lying to your followers saying you’ll make them gain “500+” followers if they follow the instructions in the picture or caption posted. It is not about getting  people to shout you out so you become “bait/known”. Use Instagram for what it is for; an app to meet new people, socialise with those who live abroad and show off the life that you’re living. (C-J A)

Featured image by Andre Anderson

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