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All over the world there are young people doing amazing things! We take a look at young people in the UK set to take 2015 by storm, if you haven't heard of them thus far, you certainly will - You saw it here first!

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Malachi McPherson

Malachi McPherson, one of our Live Mag contributors is releasing his first book, titled: ‘Does My Masculinity Offend You?’ in the second quarter of the year. The book is a collection of articles and poems which tackle contemporary social issues including race relations, religion, Capitalism and multiculturalism. Malachi says: “I felt it was important to put out Does My Masculinity Offend You as an expression of the Black British male experience in the UK. A lot of the time I feel it’s an identity which is misrepresented and misunderstood. Through the book I hope to dispel some of the stereotypes held about black males outside of entertainers and sports stars.” The collection will feature pieces such as ‘Does My Masculinity Offend You?” and “The Other” which have been published on Live Mag.” Malachi is also planning a series of events as part of his self development platform ‘Thoughtwall‘ which encourages critical and positive thinking.

Malachi Mchpherson

Erin O’Garro

O’Garro is a visual artist from London with a vested interest in culture and identity. Her work has been gracing Live magazine for almost a year and her illustrations tell a distinct story about the world through her eyes. She says: “My work is a continuous investigation into ideas of race, African diaspora, and society. I specialise in drawing and painting and enjoy the development of image creation and manipulation. I hope to draw upon subject matters that generate thought and provide an outlet for topics that may get little recognition”. Watch this space for events and exhibitions where O’Garro will be showcasing her work.


Tommie Rose

15-year-old Tommie Rose climbed to prominence following the news last year that he had made over £14,000 selling sweets at school. After meeting business tycoons like Theo Paphitus and Alan Sugar, he’s going onto big things including a t-shirt company called Black Market Products and expanding his empire. He says that “If you don’t have the passion for what you are doing then you will never get it to work.”

Tommie Rose

Joshua Palmer

Joshua is the brains behind the mymotive app which if you don’t know about by now, you will soon, trust us. After graduating in 2012 from Brunel Business School, he created mymotive. He describes it like this: “mymotive is an online events guide for your mobile that helps people discover the best events in London. We had our official full launch last September and now have thousands of members using the service. We are available on both iOS and Android platforms and have some thrilling plans lined up for 2015!”

Joshua Palmer

MFT Media

Media Production Company MFT (Made For This) began in De Montford University with five young ladies trying to pave their way in the media. After graduating in 2013, Sonia, Shamim, Nuria, Shani, and Amber decided the best way to make it was to join forces and create a collective. With a bumper pack of skills between them, including photography, video production, and animation, these young ladies are killing every stereotype that suggests this industry is for boys alone. Sonia says: “Our aim is to help people like ourselves who find it hard to get into industry” – that’s something we can definitely get behind. Watch this space!


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