#LiveChallenge – Giving Up Social Media

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We have bought back one of our favourite formats from our print days the #LiveChallenge Let's see how the Instagram famous C-Jay coped without her social media for the week

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Day  One- Why Did I Agree To This?

So I deleted all my social media apps (Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat) today at 8am, 7:54am to be exact. Initially I was feeling confident but realised during my bus journey, I wasn’t able to have my usual conversations on Snapchat with my friends. Well, I could talk to them on WhatsApp but it just wasn’t the same. I couldn’t do my usual pree of the timeline on Twitter or Instagram either, therefore my bus journey was the driest it’s ever been. All my apps now fit on one screen, ONE SCREEN.

I didn’t realise how much I use my Snapchat camera because when I’m feeling cute, (nine times out of ten) I use this camera to take my selfies. But could I do that today? No. My normal camera just isn’t cutting it. Not sure how I’m going to cope with the rest of the week…

Day Two – New Trends Already?

Today was a struggle but at the same time it was productive. The day began with a classmate asking if I’ve seen a new challenge on Instagram called the ‘#DrizzyChallenge’. It sounded similar to the ‘#DoItLikeMeChallenge’ and of course I was intrigued to see what was going on. My heart sunk when I realised I couldn’t join in. Instead, I had to listen and watch her facial expressions light up as she watched people who could ace it and laugh at those who couldn’t. Whilst she enjoyed preeing the timeline, I managed to finish my coursework with no distractions and I was really proud of myself.

Many people were asking how I was coping and attempted to taunt me. There was a point when I wanted to take my friends phone and snap but I stayed strong! One of my friends looked through my phone to see if I had really deleted my accounts. When she finally accepted  that the apps were no longer there, she said: “The struggle of being addicted to social media is real, good luck” and then patted me on the back. All I could do was laugh, but, on the inside I was crying.

Day Three – Snapchat Mayhem

Do you know what it feels like to lip-sync with my normal video camera? No? Try it and you’ll know exactly how I felt today! It’s just not the same… For some reason everyone decided they wanted to snap my misery and tempt me. In sixth form, everyone’s addicted to their phones. Whilst in the common room killing time, everyone around me was glued to whatever was occurring on Twitter and Instagram or replying to snaps. All I could do was sit there.

This morning my mum confiscated my iPad for the rest of the week because she thinks I will give in. What kind of foolishness is that?  She even suggested that I should give up Whatsapp! Overall my day wasn’t so bad, I helped paint a room at Live Mag and found it quite calming – which I didn’t expect. I’m slightly starting to get used to this. Maybe the rest of the week won’t be so bad?

CJ Live Challenge

Day Four – Peace

Today was dry. When I say dry I mean Sahara desert dry. I had lessons all day in sixth form so I was very focused. I didn’t even have time to clock I didn’t have access to my social media. Well, that was until I got home and didn’t have anything to do.  I took it upon myself to spend some quality time with my mum and brother and rehearsed for a performance I have coming up in a few weeks.

While spending time with my mum, she continuously laughed about what her and her friends were getting up to on ‘Clash of Clans’ and rubbed in my face about all the joke she’s been catching on Insta. She talked about some girls showing off what they believed to be  ‘fleeky eyebrows’ and boys attempting to show muscle and definition that they don’t have. Today has been a dry but peaceful day, I’m considering not jumping back on the social media wave … Ha, just kidding, you’ll see me soon.


I really felt like giving up this challenge this morning. I was on the phone to my friend COMPLAINING about the banter I was missing out on. Once again, my mum had the piece of cheek to tell me I should stop using Whatsapp and Facetime because ‘technically’ it’s still social media. Can you believe my friends agreed with her? Are they all trying to make me miserable? I finished sixth form early and when I got home I did some work, ate and went to bed. I only have two more days, well a day and a half until I can get my social media back and as you can tell, I am literally counting down the hours lol. Bring on the weekend.

Day Six & Seven – The Weekend 

Not having social media on Saturday didn’t really affect me because I was at work. I’m not allowed my phone on the shop floor anyway. I can say, over this past week I’ve been more aware of my surroundings and the people around me. I’ve noticed little simple things about my friends for e.g. their hand gestures and facial expressions. On Saturday, I wasn’t too naffed because my day was very busy, however, on Sunday, I was craving it like crazy! This challenge has actually been harder than I thought it would be. Someone suggested I should try a month if I were to do this again. I don’t think so.


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