Class Of 2015: #LiveMagAwards

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Last week in our editorial meeting we decided to do something a bit different and surprise our contributors for their hard work, dedication and general awesomeness

Live Mag Awards

At the end of the year, Live Magazine will stop publishing content so as part of our celebrations we wanted to honour some of the young people who are making it happen behind the scenes. Live wouldn’t be Live without you all…

C-Jay Anderson 17,  Most Read Article

Joining Live earlier this year, C-Jay has quickly become a core member of the team, we feel like she’s been here forever. Initially attracted to Live to get video production experience, she has assisted across all of our platforms. Her article on the #RichGangChallenge published in the summer has sky rocketed amongst articles published last year!

Trending Moves Crew 14-16, Most Watched Video

Can you believe the youngest person in #TrendingMoves is just 14? They have worked tirelessly choreographing every single move in these videos with no professional help. Their Nasty Freestyle has nearly 14,000 views and counting. Shout out to Leah, Ebony, Jaz-Mina, Zanae, Jahzeel, Tiana and Tyrone.

Megan Taylor 15, The 360 Award

When Megan first came to Live she didn’t want to do much. She had been excluded from five schools and I’m sure she won’t mind us saying that she was a bit of a bad breed lol. She has literally turned it around 360 degrees (get it) and regularly pitches stories she would like to write. Recently her article on social cleansing was picked up by a journalist from a well known publication so watch this space…

Brilla Sesay 18, Funniest Contributor

Guess what award @akikoxiao picked up? #LiveMagAwards

A video posted by Live Magazine (@livemaguk) on

The video says it all.  Thanks for making us smile. SHO TINGGGG!

Shaniqua Benjamin 23, Passion For Youth

Shaniqua’s passion for Youth goes beyond writing for Live. She is so on it, that she created her own platform, Young People Insight, which looks at some of the most important issues young people face. Her most recent work with Fixers, encourages young people to speak up and speak out. It’s so good it’s been featured on the Guardian’s Sustainability blog.

Aida Gugsa, 19, Most Dedicated

There was really no debating who deserved this award hence it was one of few categories that did not have any other nominees. From giving up her weekends to go on early morning shoots, to helping set up for editorial meetings, Aida has without question been one of the most dedicated Live contributors of the year.

Shanice Mears 23, Social Media G

Who says long distance relationships can’t work out? Shanice has proven that you can make worthy contributions to Live despite living not living in London. Her social media savviness has really helped the team online. We appreciate you!

Juliet Dowley 15, Quickest Turnaround

Juliet Dowley

Who turns copy around in under a day, never misses a deadline,  writes to a high standard and rarely gets asked to do a second draft? Juliet Dowley thats who! Watch out for this young lady we predict big things from her! You can read some of her amazing work here.

Lily Groom 16, Most Contributions

Lily Groom

Lily’s pitch game is way too strong. Often pitching three pieces at a time and sending through drafts before she’s even received a brief it’s no wonder she was the most published contributor this year!

Ade Onibada 24,  YouTube Personality of the Year


We’ve dragged Ade all around London to film #BusStopBants and she’s been in every single episode. She has led each one with great knowledge and sass. Who else could win YouTube personality of the year? Check her out in action here.

Congratulations to all the Live contributors for all of your hard work, we know it’s cliche but you’re all winners in our eyes!

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