Long Live Live!

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You may have heard by now that we will be saying goodbye to Live Magazine at the end of the year, Editor Frances Acquaah explains what is happening to the legendary youth platform


Yes, it is true. At the end of the year we will be saying goodbye to Live Magazine. The media landscape and job market have changed immensely since Live Magazine started 14 years ago and in view of keeping up with the times, Livity (the agency behind Live Magazine) have decided it is time to explore new territories.

Livity is creating a set of initiatives to give young people opportunities, experience and training, including a digital marketing programme, Digify, a bigger better work experience programme and a new youth-run platform under Livity’s other youth project somewhereto_

I started working at Livity almost two years ago as a digital marketing intern. It was my first job post graduating and to say that I was gassed would be an understatement. I had heard all the horror stories about finding a job after uni and six months later, I was just grateful to be doing something that actually had any relevance to my journalism degree.

“I have been so humbled and inspired by all of the young people I have encountered during my time here at Live.”

I never expected to become so emotionally invested in my role or to still be here nearly two years later as the editor. You won’t believe this if you know me, but it took a long time before I was confident in myself as a journalist – even now several bylines later, it is still something I struggle with.

I have grown a lot professionally and learnt so much about myself working at Livity. It has helped me to realise my strengths and challenge myself. It has also made the most epic Snapchat stories – people never believe I’m at work!

Those of you who have been reading Live since day dot, will remember our print magazine, which was heavily focused on youth culture – especially music. Back then we had a 50,000 print run, 200,000 readers and 500 contributors. We featured some pretty big names on our front covers from Dizzie Rascal to Rudimental. Oh and in 2011 we launched Live in South Africa!

Live Mag Vol2 Issue 2 cover

When we lost our print magazine and relaunched early last year as a digital platform (this was around the time I joined) Live Magazine completely changed. Looking back, even I was shocked by the big reveal when the website went live.

I want to be as transparent as possible and admit that throughout this time we have had some challenges. But through all the ups and downs, one thing that has remained constant is the buzzing community making it happen behind the scenes. I have been so humbled and inspired by all of the young people I have encountered during my time here at Live.

For me, Live is a lot more than just a few articles and videos we post up every week; It’s watching a young person’s face light up when they get their first byline, it’s that person getting their foot in the door and accessing new opportunities and it’s the lifelong friendships that have been made since we begun in 2001.

I’ll miss the Live squad the most, you lot truly made this the best job ever.

Frances x

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