5 Times Marshawn Lynch Totally Trolled The Media

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If there is anyone in the sports world that has perfected the art of trolling, it is NFL player Marshawn Lynch. From giving one word answers to an entire press junket, to throwing Skittles at journalists as a reward for good questions, Shaniqua shares some of her favourite Marshawn interviews ahead of the big Super Bowl game this weekend

Marshawn Lynch Trolling

This Sunday one of the biggest sporting events in the world is happening. That’s right – it’s that time of year again for the final of the NFL, the Super Bowl.

The matchup is between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks and I’m so excited for it. The Super Bowl hype is increased by the countless interviews taking place during the media junket days, and, apart from the Seahawks’ vocal cornerback Richard Sherman, I most look forward to hearing from their running back, Marshawn Lynch.

Marshawn has become something of a legend with his ‘unique’ interviewee techniques, as I like to call it.

Wondering what I mean by unique?  These five classic interviews will show you.


Marshawn hates talking to the media. But, after being fined $100,000 by the NFL back in November 2014, he sat down for a post-game interview. The joke was on the press though, because all he really did was answer “yeah” to the majority of their questions, throwing in a few maybes just for fun. He did let us in on what song he listened to before the game.

“I’m Thankful”

Watching this other post-game interview is hilarious, but almost cringe-worthy. For some reason the media keep on coming back for more Marshawn, even when it is clear that he does not want to talk. Marshawn looked annoyed from the start, but he stayed to give the reporters what they wanted. They may have lived to regret that, though, as his only response throughout the whole interview was, “I’m thankful”. He did warn them about trying again.

“Shout Out To All My Teammates”

After two Super Bowl media days which Marshawn had given repeat responses too, he finally said a little something to the press. Don’t get it twisted, though, as he still didn’t give them substantial answers. Once he had made his feelings on the media perfectly clear, Marshawn spent the next three minutes mainly in silence, breaking it up with a few shout outs, some monosyllabic responses and a “Hola”.

“I’m Just Here So I Won’t Get Fined”

This interview will go down in history. He repeated “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” a ridiculous 29 times on the first of three Super Bowl 2015 media days. I can’t hold it against Marshawn for being honest, as he was just trying to avoid being hit with a $500,000 bill. ( NFL players are fined for not making themselves available to the media, which Marshawn has done on numerous occasions.)

It was fun to watch him being playful, while delivering an answer that was straight to the point. I just couldn’t work out why the media continued to ask him questions.

“I Wouldn’t Wanna Hang Out With Nobody Who Talks At All”

Marshawn actually gave full length answers (which is totally out of character for him) during a press conference with Skittles and he still had me cracking up. This was not your typical press conference with the same old boring questions, which is probably why he was so responsive. I was simply glad that I had the chance to see Marshawn throw Skittles in the air as a reward for the media’s questions and hear him say “awesomer”, which I guess is a word from the Marshawn Lynch dictionary.

He’s the perfect troll.


Feature image from Skittles press conference.

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