Meet The Director Behind Handle With Care

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You may have seen the hashtag #HandleWithCare pop up on your timeline in the last few weeks. Frances caught up with the man behind it all, Josh Bridge.

josh handle with care

‘Handle With Care’ is currently polluting my Twitter timeline. It’s because this Thursday, Cineworld in Canary Wharf will be taken over by young film makers from The Bridge Media, following the success of their 2013 debut film, ‘The Squeeze.’ Handle With Care is a British romantic drama that looks at the highs and lows of love and relationships. Based in London, it reflects 21st century relationships, with the most diverse cast you have probably seen to date on a big screen.

This diversity was a conscious decision. 22-year-old director, Josh Bridge, says: “The different ethnicities and cultures create dynamics for the film. An example of this is the interracial couple Ola and Pria. Ola is from Nigeria and Pria is from India. The cultures are very similar but different at the same time which causes conflict in the relationship.”

Not only was Josh keen to challenge stereotypes of young black actors who he says have been “type-casted to play usual roles which are often quite negative”, he wanted to go against traditions of films widely based around one ethnicity. One of the main characters Mike, is played by Nick Korsa, who is set to join Eastenders, and if that isn’t enough there is a cameo from everyone’s favourite grime MC, Stormzy, who also features on the soundtrack, which prides itself in being a platform for emerging UK talent.

Josh, whose interests in filmmaking were ignited whilst studying Media A- Level at Christ The King sixth form, was inspired to create Handle With Care by his friends.  He not only directed the film but also took on the role of executive producer.  Josh described the conflict of interests this sometimes brought. “As a director the budget is the last thing on your mind the only thing you’re concentrating on is the art, so you’ll want to do the craziest things but then your producer hat comes back on and you remember the budget.”

Just over a year in the making, self-funded by Josh and co-exec producer Tope Phillips, it’s refreshing to see young people fulfilling their visions. Josh says: “One person is unable to do everything themselves”, emphasising the importance of collaboration.

When asked what we can expect from Handle With Care, Josh promises it isn’t a typical romantic drama, steering away from the usual fairytale ending. He says: “Unlike a lot of love stories, the storyline isn’t unrealistic.” He guarantees the viewers will be able to relate to the film or at least know someone who has been in a similar situation.“Whether it be Naomi who has feelings for her best friend or Ola who loves his girlfriend but doesn’t want to marry her. There’s so much more but I won’t give too much away.”


Get your ticket for ‘Handle With Care’ here.

Feature image by Aaron Minto. 

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