You Need To Listen To K-pop

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Heard of Super Junior? Exo or AOA? Lamiya fills you in on why K-Pop is popping


While you may not have heard of any of the above, I’m sure you’ve heard of Gangnam Style by PSY, which topped music charts in more than 30 different countries in 2012. What you may not know is that Gangnam Style falls under the K-pop genre.

There is a lot more choice available in regards to music then there has been previously. In fact, over 1000 different genres of modern music exist today and I think it’s only fair to introduce you all to one of my favourites.

K-pop originates from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. It is short for Korean Pop and although it has existed for many years, it is a recent discovery within my friendship group and we have all fallen in love with it!

Some may believe it is the same as your average British pop tunes in a different language, however in my opinion, there is a lot more excitement – where else can you get 13 members in a group?

K-pop is all about lyrics and choreography. You can tell that each music video is made with a huge amount of care, further supported by the artists’ performances. Every band has its own unique logo and a catchy way to introduce themselves which makes it easier to identify them.

The lyrics are very meaningful (your heart will melt once you’ve read the translations) it isn’t  just countless swear words and a load of twerk-sumns’.

Being an embarrassingly massive K-pop fan, means it has taken up most of the space on my phone. For me, it doesn’t stop at the music. Once you get sucked in and possibly even find yourself a bias (someone you love) there is lots more to discover; such as interviews, tons of behind the scenes action and even reality TV shows!

I would pick  jamming to a good melody by Big Bang rather than a slow Adele song any day!

Here are my top five tracks to get you started:

Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

VIXX – Error

Hyorin, Joo Young – Erase

T-ara – Number 9

Exo – Overdose

So give it a go and try out some K-pop, anyeong! (goodbye)

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