A Night Out As A Young Single Mum

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Every 21-year old loves a night out, but as a young, single mum, going out is quite a different experience for Camila

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Every girl absolutely loves getting ready for a big night out. From picking out a glamorous outfit, to perfecting your hair and make-up,  it’s when all the excitement for the night ahead builds up. Well, for a young mum like me, preparing for a night out goes a little differently…

The preparation taken into planning a night out with a young child requires almost military-style strategy. First, I look for the perfect candidate for the task of baby-sitting. Once I’ve cornered my sister and negotiated the exchange of my favourite blouse in return for her baby-sitting services, I then move on to what I dread the most: shopping with a toddler!

All the staff members at my local Topshop must know my son’s name by now. Why kids like to run and hide when you’ve only got one high heeled boot on, I do not know. It’s really not the most convenient time to be honest.

The next steps are to prepare the dinner and set out all bedtime materials, so far so good.  But as soon as my son sees me getting dressed, he always realises I’ll be going out so takes advantage and refuses to go to bed.


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Doing my hair and make-up is such a massive blast of fun (and sarcasm is a lost art). When thanks to your child’s artistic talents, your lipstick looks like anything but lipstick; it’s time to decide that the natural look worked best anyway. I then move on to playing one of my favourite games: ‘tell your child not to touch the hot curling iron a hundred times’. It never gets old.

“Hangovers and early-rising toddlers are possibly one of the worst combinations”

Sometimes by the time I am ready, I’ve lost the desire to go out due to all the hassle and tiredness caused from getting ready. Once I am outside though, I usually feel at ease and pleased to have a night where I ‘m called Camila and not mummy.

I learned the hard way that hangovers and early-rising toddlers are possibly one of the worst combinations of all time. So alcohol is usually limited and I usually start to head back home a little earlier than the rest. Although I can’t be spontaneous and go crazy like some of my mates, I still go out and have a laugh and I don’t feel guilty, because I know that my responsibilities as a mother are being met.

Going out as a young mum is very different to when I was just a single girl. The way I behave naturally changed and I see the danger in things more than I use to. Even if I am glued to phone, in case I get a call about my son, I still do manage to have fun. I don’t go out partying much, but when I do I make sure I enjoy myself. It’s the time I have away from my son fulfilling my own wants and needs that I feel helps me be a better, more fun mum when I’m with him.


Feature image by Camila Dias. 

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