Shereka Marsh Was Just A Girl, Not A Gangbanger

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15-year-old Shereka Marsh, who was shot in Hackney over the weekend, was an ambitious girl with dreams. Here, her friend Aminat talks about the person she was before she passed

Setting off to go to the library on a Saturday morning to begin my weekend, I could never have imagined how these last two days would end up living in my memory for the rest of my life. I lost a part of me on Saturday the 22nd of March – I lost my friend. In fact, we all lost someone in our society who was an asset to the community.

Shereka was ambitious, athletic, inspirational and loyal. She was one of many young people who aspired to do well and had a clear understanding of what she wanted to do with her life and how she was going to achieve all of her goals.

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I received a phone call from Shereka just a week before she died, not knowing this would be the last time speaking to her. We discussed our ambitions and life goals on the phone, as well as possibly meeting up in the half term. It was hard coming to terms with it, but I’ve accepted that this is now impossible.

I found out about my friend’s death through Twitter. I scrolled down the timeline which was filled with constant tweets reading, “RIP Shereka”. I was in denial. That’s when I started to see pictures which were followed by reports announcing her death. It left me devastated. Earlier on in the week Shereka tweeted “I don’t understand the concept of life.” At this point, I questioned life too.

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Her death has made many people come to the realisation that time is of the essence and we need to be able to value life.

My condolence goes out to the Marsh family and the friends of Shereka, plus the community, as we have lost such a valuable asset. I now want to work alongside other young people to prevent these incidents from happening. Too many deaths have happened, too many families broken. Society is broken. It’s not too late to fix this – we can make a change.

By Aminat Suleman

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