Round Up: The Truth Behind Being A Young Mum

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Every week Camila shares with us honest accounts of what it's really like to be a young mum defying the stereotypical image. So we've collated Camila's instalments on being a young mum in 2014 so far

Camila Round Up

Getting to grips with parenthood is not easy,  as Camila’s stories illustrate below. She shares her trials and tribulations on what it is like to find a home, study for a degree and enter the dating scene at 21-years-old while looking after her son.


1. Denied A Home Because Of My Degree And Baby


Despite wanting to better her chances of securing a stable career, Camila faced many obstacles trying to find a home and a university place while looking after her son.


2. My First Year As A Single Mum & Student In A Nutshell


As she reaches the end of her first year at university, Camila looks back on the ups and downs she has gone through.


3. A Night Out As A Young Single Mum


Every 21-year old loves a night out, but as a young, single mum, going out is quite a different experience for Camila.


 4. How I Got Over My Baby Father


Break ups are difficult, but when a relationship breaks down and a child is involved, it’s all the more devastating. Camila gives us the lowdown on how to survive.


5. Dating After The Baby Father Drama


When Camila freed herself of her baby father drama, she decided to re-enter the dating scene. But what were the reactions she received from other guys after they found out about her son?


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