Have Your Voice Heard #UNMUTEUK

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Consumer watchdog Which? has teamed up with George The Poet and Jakwob with hopes to put pressure on the government to get our voices heard. We're with them are you?


Ever feel like your voice is ignored in our society?  Experienced poor treatment by our public services? Is submitting a formal complaint way more hassle than its worth? It would be like trying to talk like a brick wall anyway right?

Social media has changed this. If you’re lucky you might tweet a complaint that gets a lot of attention, it goes viral and there you have it – problem solved. A process with a 1 in a million probability chance of happening to you or us!

What if there was somewhere you could take your complaints, rather than just tweeting your outrage? (We know we cannot believe it doesn’t exist already).

Cutting edge spoken word artist, George The Poet, and producer Jakwob, famed for his remixes of artists such as Ellie Goulding and Lana del Ray, have taken it one step further pushing social media to it’s limit. Teaming up with consumer watchdog Which? they have created a track, calling for the government to create a place where we can take our concerns with public workers, as part of the #UNMUTEUK campaign.

But there’s a twist , the track is muted and we will only be able to hear the full version, once 50,000 people have signed the petition supporting the cause. It hopes to put pressure on the government to make sure when you have an issue it is not ignored and also to trigger an inspection if a number of complaints are raised.

George the Poet said: “Muting it is a statement of solidarity. We’ve all experienced having our voices ignored. Make your voices heard and we’ll unmute the track.”

Public services are a necessity, unfortunately  the minority working in the system often abuse their position and a safe place is needed for us to take our complaints should we need to.

This is the track so far

If you would like to hear more and  you want change all you have to do is sign the petition here: www.unmuteuk.com

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