WATCH: Latest YouTube Craze Shows Stupidity Of Selfies

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The Janoskians, a group of YouTube stars – originally from Australia, now based in L.A – have cleverly poked fun at how ridiculous the selfie culture has become. The epidemic of selfie obsession has taken hold of todays society. Regardless of the serious situation people find themselves in, they are impulsively compelled to snap a picture of their daily rituals; mostly in inappropriate places – see the rise of funeral selfies and extreme selfies.

This culture is ripped apart as the video pranksters get themselves in absurd situations including masturbating, street fights and going to the toilet before stopping to take a photo.  Accompanied with the catchy line ‘but first let me take a selfie’, it wont be long before this is the catchphrase that everyone is using to subvert our selfie obsessed nature.

Now to post this article, but first let me take a selfie.


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