What’s Up With The #RichGang Challenge?

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Everyone online is doing the #richgang challenge. C-Jay Anderson tells us what it's all about and why she's not involved

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First it was the ‘Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge’, then it was the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ and now it’s the ‘Rich Gang Challenge‘. If you log onto twitter and click on what’s trending, you will be bombarded with various videos of young people doing the ‘Rich Gang Challenge’. The challenge involves throwing up specific gang signs in time with the beat of the music. You’re supposed to create certain signs with your fingers and hands in a specific order that (without many people knowing) insult another gang.  It’s quite impressive that they can  accomplish the whole sequence of moves in the limited time, as it is difficult.

Various young people are now doing these  “dubsmashes” over the song by Rich Gang ‘I’mma Ride’ where they throw up various gang signs. (A dubsmash is when you mime a voiceover in a unique way) and upload them online.

“Have we not already seen enough people get in trouble because of gang related issues?”

This is occurring across the UK, the USA, France and many more countries. It seems like the gang signs specifically come from a well-known American gang, the “Bloodz”, who can be classified from their red bandanas, and the gang that they’re insulting is known as the “Cripz”, who are represented by a blue bandana. I don’t think it’s a joke and to do a challenge that insults another gang is disrespectful. Especially when you have no insight to what either of these gangs are about.Many people are not aware that doing these could lead you being involved in unnecessary trouble. Have we not already seen enough people get in trouble because of gang related issues? Especially females within the UK.

Despite the challenge being dangerous I do believe that it is entertaining because of the many parodies that people come up with. You can see that some people have practiced this over and over again before finally recording themselves getting the sequence right. However, due to everyone having access to the Internet, as I previously stated, you could get yourself hurt or in trouble because of a trend you decided to take part in. I personally wouldn’t be apart of this because every action has a reaction.


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