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As we celebrate all that Live Magazine has achieved we catch up with former Live East editor Kiran Kaur who shares her journey from contributor to multimedia journalist

Kiran KMFM

It’s been around five years since I became the editor of Live’s sister magazine, Live East (based in a second office in Whitechapel) – and what an experience it was. At the time, I knew I was taking up a fantastic opportunity, but little did I know just how many doors it would open. I was just 18 when I became editor, something that continues to shock employers and colleagues. It was the belief in young people that ensured Live gave me (and so many others), such an experience.

I juggled the role alongside a job in retail and the first year of my journalism degree. As tough as it sounds, working on the magazine was always the highlight of my week. The high spirits and ‘can do’ attitude of the mentors (such as Rahul Verma, Hayley Joyes, Zena Alkayat, Steve Yates and Rina Modi) reflected directly onto all of the young people involved, showing us anything is possible, no matter how old you are.

“My former colleagues and mentors will always remain my friends, we all form part of the Live family”

After graduating from City University London, I walked straight into a job at the Olympic Broadcasting Services, producing content for a behind-the-scenes documentary of the London 2012 games. It was only through the skills I developed at Live that I was able to confidently fulfill my role, working on the largest broadcasting operation in the world.

The mentors at Live taught me never to turn down an opportunity and I haven’t let them down on that front. I have carried out a number of internships since, including working as a reporter for Media Trust’s Community Channel. However, my first professional role was as a broadcast journalist for Sunrise Radio which involved reporting and news-reading. I often found myself alone in the newsroom having to produce news content, something I was able to carry out to a high standard, largely because of the editorial skills I had been taught at Live.


After nearly a year working for the company, I managed to secure a reporter / newsreader role with kmfm which forms part of the KM Group, a multimedia company based in Kent. My daily tasks are similar to my previous role but I don’t just produce content for radio but also TV, online and the company’s sister papers. It means I get to fulfill my role as a broadcast journalist while still getting a taste of working in print which stands as my first passion, taking me right back to the days of Live.

I am certain my career so far would not have played out as it has, if it wasn’t for Live. The belief in my abilities as a budding journalist, from the day I stepped through the office door, took me from saying: “I wish I was a journalist” to “I will be a journalist, because I can.”

My former colleagues and mentors will always remain my friends, we all form part of the Live family. I would like to think Live has set a trend, in companies empowering young people and showing them they can do anything with hard work and self-belief. I have no doubt Live will continue to live on through us all.


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